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Client Testimonials in Redmond, Washington

"If you've ever wanted to find a quality shop with quality people, this is it. Scott and Neil were constantly updating me on everything they did. They did everything to ensure the best possible results and allowed me to check in from time to time. I wouldn't take my car or truck anywhere else. My truck is as good as new!"
– Tim A., Bellevue, WA
"I have been using Millen Autobody ever since I could drive when I was 16. I like them, and I always recommend them. They offer a fair price, and they get the job done just like it was brand new."
– Kim K., Kirkland, WA
"I have been using Millen Autobody for years. Thirty years ago I left my wallet on top of my car, and it sailed off and spilled its guts all over the road. Neil Millen was the one who stopped on the road, picked it all back up, and gave my office a call. That is how we met and when I first started using him. They always get the job done. The car goes in, they get it done well, and they let me know when it is finished. It is always done correctly, but if something happens, they take care of it. We take all of our cars to them, and they do everything for us. They are just incredibly honest. Especially in the car industry, honesty is a big plus."
– John S., Redmond, WA
"We've been with Millen for over 20 years. We have had over that time several scrapes, bumps, 3 rear ends, etc. All their service was professional, excellent, and recommendable. They have excellent recognition with different insurance companies we have dealt with. Their quality of work is great."
— Lorin R.
"I have been going to Millen Autobody for about 10 years now. They have fixed two different cars for me, and they have went above and beyond my expectations in every circumstance. I would say that a customer can have 100% confidence that Millen will get the job done properly. If something isn't right, they fix it immediately."
— Jeff H.
"I took my car here on the recommendation of my insurance company and I'm so glad I did. The Millen guys are great to work with, super friendly, and really talented. My car has never looked so good!"
— Shira P.
"This is a class place. The integrity and professionalism of Millen is definitely noteworthy. Although I have not had a lot of experience with body shops, it really doesn't matter as the ethic of a "job well done" is so apparent here. From the first contact, to assisting with a rental,these guys are with you all the way. Most importantly, a very quick turnaround for the car and beautifully executed repairs. When Millen says "no problem," there really isn't one! I will most cetainly recommend them to friends and family. Stellar job Millen"
— Jill B.
Clients Testimonials- Autobody Shop- Redmond, Wa